Commercial Catering & Display Refrigeration Equipment

Genfrost UK, manufacture and distribute a large range of Retail Display and Catering Refrigeration equipment. We have everything from Serveover Counters, Open Fronted Multideck Fridges, Cake, Pastry and Ice Cream Counters,Supermarket Equipment, to Stainless Steel Fridge and Freezer counters, Single and Double Door Upright Stainless Steel Service Cabinets and Even commercial grade Chest Freezers. As well as Genfrost we are also UK HQ's for ES SYSTEM K and Lenari.

<span style='color: #000000;'>Serveover Counters</span>
Serveover Counters
<span style='color: #000000;'>Patisserie & Ice Cream Displays</span>
Patisserie & Ice Cream Displays
<span style='color: #000000;'>Multideck Cabinets</span>
Multideck Cabinets
<span style='color: #000000;'>Vertical Display Cabinets</span>
Vertical Display Cabinets
<span style='color: #000000;'>Frozen Display</span>
Frozen Display
<span style='color: #000000;'>Chilled Storage</span>
Chilled Storage
<span style='color: #000000;'>Prep Counters</span>
Prep Counters
<span style='color: #000000;'>Frozen Storage</span>
Frozen Storage
<span style='color: #000000;'>Condensing Units</span>
Condensing Units